Personal Strategic Development Assessment

Section 1

Personal Strategic Development Assessment

This section contains 36 Personal Strategic Development Assessments framing each leader’s understanding of their strategic leadership journey. The journey goes from uncertainty in their ability to operate in strategic leadership environments, to proficiency and vision regarding discovered strategic leadership skill. This section sets the tone for the work ahead and the beginning of these leader’s Strategic Discoveries.

They start with a personal strategic development assessment of their personal strategic leadership capability, with each leader supplying a personal assessment of their strategic development in life experience and individual streams of study. Each personal assessment outlines general responses to the circumstances and stressors faced on a personal and professional level of experience.

The assessment also explores the leader’s mission, vision and values practice. Leaders without a personal/professional mission, vision or values, need to develop one to explain why these statements align with the future strategic development they desire to practice. This is invaluable for ongoing leadership development and collective effectiveness as progressive leaders discover their potential in strategic leadership practice.

Key strategic drivers create significant impact for achieving leadership potential. Determining areas they need to abandon, and areas they need to excel for future development, provides a firm foundation to refocus present experience toward future development and cements effective strategic leadership practice. Leaders knowing the culture they want to develop from their personal and professional mission, vision, values statements and the drivers they envision to align present/future success, informs desired and future practice, and replaces uncertainty with confident strategic leadership practice.

Each leader identifies ‘old economy’ thinking and practices and includes plans for changing those habits to create effective personal/professional strategies focused toward anticipated outcome(s) and central to a results based assessment for practices and skills in leadership practice. (Ungerer, Ungerer & Herholdt, pp. xiii-105)

Providing a personal assessment helps leaders become better and allows them to see themselves where they are presently and how to chart their future more effectively. Outlining their present strategic strengths helps leaders discover how to align strategic influence practices to present responses and assists with becoming better strategic leaders overall. Every leader needs to take time to develop their strategic leadership abilities and future practice.