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Strategic Discoveries | Open Textbook

Strategic Discoveries

Case Studies in Strategic Leadership Development

A book of Strategic Discoveries, describing discoveries about Strategic Leadership; written by a group of 36 leaders, an instructor, peer reviewed in process and edited for clarity. Everyone participating in the process of investigation and reporting are leaders from various cultural, ethnic and leadership contexts.


Book Description

The leaders represented in this volume, are graduate students in a Strategic Leadership course, working toward completing their Masters of Arts in Leadership degree (https://www.twu.ca/academics/school-graduate-studies/educational-leadership-ma) and Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Program (https://www.twu.ca/academics/school-graduate-studies/educational-leadership-ma) at Trinity Western University (www.twu.ca) in Langley British Columbia Canada. Each leader works individually and collectively toward personal discovery of best Strategic Leadership practices in their personal and professional lives, and the organizations and careers they represent, as they focus on developing their skill in strategic leadership at the graduate level. Each leader comes from different aspects of the professional spectrum and explores strategic leadership from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and experiences. Some are experienced educators, others health care professionals, some from a business background, others are nonprofit professionals and others come with years of Christian Ministry experience.

Table of Contents