Strategic Team Development

Strategic Team Development – NonProfit/Christian Ministry

Strategic Team Review Assessment and Action Tool (STRAT)                                           NonNonProfit and Christian Ministry

This section represents a departure from the norm as far as representation of a specific disciplinary streams. In this section, three different teams applied the Strategic Team Review and Action Tool (STRAT) outlined in Hughes, Colarelli-Beatty and Dinwoodie’s,  Becoming a Strategic Leader (pp. 285-302). Teams varied, with two nonprofit leadership teams and one team representing leaders from Christian Ministry. One team of nonprofit leaders had three members, while the other had four. The Christian Ministry team also had 4 leaders with backgrounds in pastoral ministry. Each team of leaders represent unique representations of national and international identities.

The first nonprofit team represents leaders from three different originating countries; Honduras, Jamaica, and Nigeria. The second team represents leaders with national and international identities; Cameroon and Canada. The third group of pastoral leaders, with Christian Ministry experience represent Canadian and Jamaican origins.The personal and corporate discoveries by all teams however, are unique and powerful as each indivdiual and geographical location represents a unique interaction with leadership in the nonprofit and Christian Ministry world.

Team identity was central to this exercise. The first Nonprofit team called themselves Eagle Vision. The second team identified as CLEN, representing the first names for each leader in the team. The final team of leaders called themselves The Practical Pastors; representative of their backgrounds in pastoral ministry. All teams created reports for discovering, developing and reviewing average team ratings, which appear in the following chapters.