Strategic Team Development

Section 2

Strategic Team Review Assessment and Action Tool (STRAT)

In this section, leaders apply a Strategic Team Review and Action Tool (STRAT) from Hughes, Colarelli-Beatty and Dinwoodie’s,  Becoming a Strategic Leader (pp. 285-302). Nine teams from five different stream disciplines worked through the principles using ad hoc teams developed in their Strategic Leadership course. The STRAT tool as an assessment for team effectiveness allows teams to understand how to develop better team dynamics based on the strategic assessment of their team and related plans for effective practice.

Leaders working in teams, assessed strategic team capabilities used by the teams through the STRAT exercise to survey team dynamics and determine their collective strengths/weaknesses their experience as a strategic team. Though ad hoc, the team assessment proved valuable overall.

Each team produced a team name, responded to questions from their present ad hoc team or strategic leadership team/organization they work with regularly and scored the results for the STRAT to allow the team to make sense of results and create a report on average team ratings. Team ratings and discoveries, through generated reports, represents the process and observations for each team.