Section 2: Kahkah (Raven)


In this section you have heard stories about the importance of listening, learning, and sharing, all of which are helpful in building relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities. When there has been listening, learning, and sharing, the acknowledgement of territory can then be informed and done with respect for the local Indigenous community. Institutional direction that provides for the advancement of Indigenization, including Indigenous mentorship and role models, is equally important.


Activity 1: Protocols and Ceremonies

Time: Ongoing

Type: Individual

Identify ceremonies and other events at your institution that support collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and communities.

  1. How is your institution supporting capacity building in areas of Indigenous research and educational development?
  2. How do leaders in your institution demonstrate respect for place, language, ceremonies, and protocols?

Activity 2: What would you do?

  1. What are your recommendations for Indigenization at your institution?