Section 6: Promoting Systemic Change

Becoming an Advocate

Now that you have completed this guide, you have a responsibility to share your knowledge and experience with others. As you go about your work, consider ways in which you can bring Indigenous ways of being into your organizational culture, such as acknowledging the lands during in-person meetings or conference calls or creating opportunities to collaborate on Indigenous-led work. How might you advocate for Indigenization in your policies and procedures (for example, in regards to payment of honoraria or hiring policies)? How might you support Indigenization of your physical workspace (for example, through inclusion of Indigenous art or recognition of lands)?


Activity 1: 101 Ways to Indigenize and Decolonize Academic Programs and Courses

Time: 60 min

Type: Individual

Review the resource 101 Ways to Indigenize and Decolonize Academic Programs and Courses [PDF][1] by Dr. Shauneen Pete, University of Regina. Choose three actions outside of curriculum development that you could take in your own setting. Write a journal entry on how and when you plan to go about taking those actions.